Throwback Thursday video from Tour de Pac 12
Jan 06 11:06 AM

Throwback Thursday video from Tour de Pac 12

Jan 06 11:06 AM
Jan 06 11:06 AM

Catching up

It's been a tough summer, we moved our office, sold my house, moved to an apartment while we found our new home and have now moved to our new house. We are doing a little bit of work to it, putting in some hardwood floors but not a lot, the summer of busy-ness is drawing to a close. The Hotter than Hell Hundred is in two weeks, I have been training to ride with the Pace Team with a goal of finishing the ride in less than 5 hours, start to finish, total time. We will average right at 21 MPH. According to what I have seen, I am ahead of pace but the truth will be known on that on August 29th, if there is a picture at the finish line before noon, I made it. 

Throwback Thursday

I also started to go through the hours and hours of video I have from my ride last summer and am putting together a couple of videos. We have an idea for next summer and a cause we could ride for but it is still in it's infancy, hopefully we will have some details soon. In the meantime, here is the first part of our ride, basically to the coast in Oregon. If you didn't know, we left Dallas and drove to Vancouver to start the ride, on the way I rode some of the PAC 12 college campuses that weren't on the coast so this ride covers our drive up and then my ride from Canada to the Pacific Coast Highway in Oregon.

Enjoy the video and stay tuned ...

Road trip to Canada then biking to Pac Coast Highway in Oregon



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