Walk, Run or Ride with Today I Can!

What is it?

Strava is a software (available as an app) that uses your GPS location to track your workout — whether you're running, walking, or riding a bike. 

I created a Strava group for Today I Can, which you can join by clicking above, or searching for "Today I Can" in the Strava app. Once there you will find a group of folks dedicated to answering your questions, assuming you ask and pointing out things along the way they might notice, it's also a place we can post rides, get togethers, etc as the Today I Can group grows.

Why do it?

Why? Simple, it's a great tool to encourage each other as we all try to do something today. Because if that works out, we can try it again tomorrow!

It also makes one of the most important things in an exercise program essentially automatic, if you have a phone you can record your effort and if you track your efforts you stand a much higher chance of not only sticking to the regimen (whether it be walking, riding, running or swimming) and Strava does that with a push of the button. Since I used an app when I started walking and riding, I can go all the way back to my first ride and compare that 11 mile effort to what I do today.

It also can be shared on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, so you not only have the accountability and encouragement here, but you will also start to encourage others, that is how Today I Can started, I shared my rides on Facebook and it encouraged folks, so I decided to create Today I Can, to encourage a larger audience than my friend group on Facebook.

I am already registered with Map My Walk / Run / Ride, can I join there?

We attempted to set up a Today I Can group on the Map my ... platform, however, they have discontinued the feature. Without that it is difficult to tell who is following and who would like a word of encouragement or wants to be a part of Team Thunder, our Today I Can bike team. The systems all will share information with each other, so once they get that back in place, we will start a group there.

Click here to register for the group.

Important Note

Strava is an app that measures your exercise efforts, from start to finish and one of the incredibly important items you should do is set up a privacy zone around your home, office or wherever you feel necessary. That way, your exercise routine does not include the house you live in, the walks or rides don't show up until you are far enough away to make yourself comfortable. It's a neat feature, that is only available if you log in from a computer or desktop environment to www.strava.com and look at your settings / account profile there. You can set up your privacy zones there to keep you and your family safe.