The Cleanse Question
May 07 8:15 PM

The Cleanse Question

May 07 8:15 PM
May 07 8:15 PM

I have been asked a couple of times about what cleanse did I use and what protein shake do I take now. I am a sports fan and I listen to a local sports radio stations, I work a lot of Saturdays during tax season and George Digianni has a Saturday morning show on health and fitness. It wasn't really my bag but i was too lazy to change the station so I would listen, eventually I checked his website and gave him a call and we started the cleanse.

I would recommend his 21 day cleanse because it comes with a complete diet plan for those 21 days and it makes it black and white. It is a list of eat this and this and this and don't eat any of this. If you are anything like me having a diet with cheats included is a recipe for failure, who wants to reward themselves with 4 Cheetos if there is a bag there waiting to be plundered? If you stick to it in 21 days you will have lost some weight and gained some energy and that momentum can carry you into other phases.

Most cleanses are going to focus on cleaning out your system and that is a very good thing, for 21 days. It is not something our intestines can take long term. After the cleanse ended the black and white part of it worked for me, in fact i was the only one in my family that didn't cheat at all, additionally we had 3 people doing it together in 2012 and the 3 week supply was gone in 7 days and all we could find included videos and pamphlets etc, we just wanted the powder so we went to Whole Foods, the Vitamin Stop and Ultimate Sports Nutrition and asked the folks there what we were taking and what they had in stock we could mix in with our protein shake, we tried a million different protein powders before we found Oh Yeah, i like the Strawberry and Linda likes the Vanilla. From there I add in a lot of vitamins, minerals, supplements, cod liver oil, a banana, some frozen grapes, ice and coconut water. I take all the pills, my wife adds them to her shake because she's not big on pills.

We got a nice blender, it actually counts the number of times we make a shake, we are getting close to 1,500 now so I guess we are good at routines once we settle in. I would definitely suggest using a program like George's, he has a good product and a plan to help you get started, it's not the worst $100 you will ever spend, for me it's the best. From there, who knows maybe you go a different route, but give it a shot, it could help get you going.


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