Never Ride Alone
Jan 06 11:06 AM

Never Ride Alone

Jan 06 11:06 AM
Jan 06 11:06 AM

A Common Mistake

Every once in a while we make a mistake and say we did something alone. Today I was reminded that even when I don't ride with others, I never ride alone. Today I met Jim Harris and some of his friends in Coppell and rode a while with them. I wanted some extra miles when they were finishing so i headed south into Irving to ride through Las Colinas and thLocation of Ruten back up Luna. I was on Royal Lane heading east through Irving and was putting my water bottle back in the cage when my front wheel caught a rut. I barely had one hand on the handlebar and my bike jerked hard to the left into the left lane. I came as close to the concrete as I have ever been without falling, somehow i corrected and yanked hard back to the right, popped back up, messed my britches, and ended up back in the right lane. I use a garmin which tracks where I ride from a satellite orbiting the earth at what i assume is pretty far away. The satellite picked it up as you can see in the picture with this post. See if you can guess where that rut is.

Location of Rut

From somewhere, I have always imagined even higher than Garmin's satellite, God could pick this up as well. Except he's a little more impressive than a Garmin because he knew that in spite of this incredible brain he gave me, i never really grasped common sense, so very busy Royal Lane would be the perfect place to get a drink of water and take a hand off my handle bars. He was definitely there because after I leveled out, collected myself and checked my shorts, I looked ahead and saw the cars ahead of me, i looked over my shoulder and saw cars behind me, but at that spot, on Royal Lane, it was just me ... and Him. if there was anyone else, i probably wouldn't be posting this now.

In the past, when asked who do i ride with, i would say "I generally ride by myself." It is pretty ostentatious of me, to ignore the creator of the universe taking the time to watch out while I ride my bike, just to make sure I'm not a hood ornament, if it were just me, I would long since been in someone's grill. if you don't believe me, Ask Doug Walker. He tells me that every time we ride.


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