The Great CPA Bike Giveaway
Feb 21 6:10 PM

The Great CPA Bike Giveaway

Feb 21 6:10 PM
Feb 21 6:10 PM

Remember when we told you that Today I Can was starting something big? Well, it's here!

Today, we're proud to announce the official launch of our Great CPA Bike Giveaway. What is it? Well, it's pretty simple. Starting right now, you've got until April 15th to come up with an exercise goal, tell us about it, and then stick to it! After Tax Day, one lucky CPA and the person who referred them to Today I Can will win a SPECIALIZED BICYCLE from our friends at Richardson Bike Mart. 

The goal is to encourage other CPAs and folks who work in accounting to keep themselves healthy. It's no secret that the accounting industry is highly stressful, and if you've read my story before, then you know it can really do a number on your health, if you're not careful. 

But Today I Can isn't a personal training organization, a workout, or a secret diet. As a CPA who has lost over 130 lbs, it's my encouragement to you that TODAY YOU CAN start doing better. You CAN commit to exercising and making good food decisions, even if those are small steps. Riding a bike is a big part of who I am these days, but it actually started with me simply walking my dog around the neighborhood. 

Your exercise goal doens't have to be related to cycling, you just have to make one up and then be diligent to stick with it. If you want to read more about the details, check out the FAQ section


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