FAQs: 2018 Bike Giveaway

  • Is this just for CPAs and Accountants? Not necessarily, we are giving away a bike to the accountant or CPA that makes their fitness goal AND the person who referred them to sign up. One winner earns two bikes, the second person can be another CPA/Accountant or it could be one of their clients if that is you and you share this with your CPA while you get him your tax stuff (and do that early this year, like you promised), it could be a roommate from college that gets his buddy to sign up during tax season, or it could be an accounting or finance department manager that gets his or her accounting team signed up. All you have to do is send this link to your accounting friend or colleague, make sure they enter your email address in the referred by email address and then encourage them to keep that goal (in true Today I Can fashion) and you both could win.

  • How many times can you enter? One entry, one goal but as many referrals as you can think of, we will put your name "in the hat" for every person you refer to the contest, as long as they meet their goal. So bringing in more folks will actually increase your chance of winning, if I did the math right. It will be one entry, one goal and that one referral for the bike. Whatever email address (not addresses) are included in the referred by email address will be who we contact for the bike.

  • What if my referral was just something I saw on Facebook or Google? How would we know? Put in an email address for a friend that wants a bike and let them know we might be contacting them if you win. If you don't have a referral, we will assume it came off Facebook or something Today I Can might have generated and we would take our referral and assign it to another accountant that keeps a goal.

  • Do you have to be a CPA to make the goal? Not necessarily, but we are focused on accountants with year-end responsibilities. If you want to refer an accountant and make a goal to keep with him, then do it as a team!

  • Do I have to track my goal? Sure, we are accountants, we track stuff all the time. There are lots of apps you can download for this kind of thing, but you’re also statistically inclined to long-term success if you simply track your own progress.

  • When's the cutoff date? Weren't you paying attention? I already said it was February 15. You need about 21 days to start a habit, so we are giving you a little extra time to make it stick.

  • What if more than two people meet their goals? Have you actually thought this through? Yes, we have, don't worry. It will be decided through a highly sophisticated and random drawing ... probably using Excel, after all I am an accountant as well.

  • How do I get the bike? The winner will pick up his bike at any of the Richardson Bike Mart locations around Dallas. They will help get you on the right size bike and then help fit it for you. The cost of shipping and/or reassembling a bicycle is not included in the giveaway, so you will have to pick it up there.

  • What’s the catch? There isn’t one, we would love to share your story once you find some success, but that’s not a requirement. We know tax season is tough, we are in it with you and this is just giving folks a chance to say thanks to their accountant by encouraging them to widen their horizons during tax season.

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