Be Careful Out There
Nov 13 8:59 PM

Be Careful Out There

Nov 13 8:59 PM
Nov 13 8:59 PM

I find it interesting that people are always telling me to be careful when I post a picture or status that mentions riding my bike on a street, I really do appreciate the thought and the idea that people may perceive me to be some free wheeling stare death in the face dude but the latest statistics I read indicate that less than 700 people a year are killed in bicycle-car accidents as opposed to 4,500 killed in pedestrian-car accidents. It's over 6 times more dangerous for me to cross the street than it is to ride my bike on it. Don't get me started on the number of people killed each year in automobile accidents involving other vehicles. It is more than 50 times more dangerous for me to drive to work than it is for me to ride there.

Even more telling though, over 300,000 people die each year from obesity related ailments like heart disease, high blood pressure and adult onset / type 2 diabetes, all things I was on prescribed medications for. It was basically 500 times more dangerous for me to do what I was doing than it is for me to ride my bike.

The real be careful warning should have come when I got the nice gig 'em with Chester Cheetah. You can bet whenever some poor sap is dressed up in a Chester Cheetah costume free Cheetos are abundant and those are far more dangerous for me than riding my bike.

Also know this, if the good Lord calls me home tomorrow morning while riding down Ohio I am okay with that because it's been a great ride, I'm happier in my heart knowing He gave me the ability to do something about my weight than I ever was believing He didn't.


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