Cleanse Ideas
Sep 20 4:55 PM

Cleanse Ideas

Sep 20 4:55 PM
Sep 20 4:55 PM

Before undertaking a cleanse, it is a good idea to have a check-up with your doctor. There are many options for doing a cleanse - some are whole body and others are not. My personal opinion is the whole body cleanse is the best option for kick-starting a new approach to diet and exercise.

Below are some options with links to their website. The only personal experience I have is with the 21 Day Body Makeover program. I have done this program several times and find it to be the most comprehensive and easy to implement. 

21DayBodyMakeover: This is the one I mentioned above and it worked really well for me, it's a cleanse and an eating plan, lots of options and daily emails and updates from George DiGianni to answer questions etc. 

MindBodyGreen: what to look for in a cleanse  

MindBodyGreen: 10 commandments of a juice cleanse

GNC: Cleanses Sold by GNC

RenewLife: Total Body Cleanse 

Whole Body Cleanse Options and the related cleanse 

MindBodyGreen: Full Body Detox




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