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Jan 06 11:09 AM
Jan 06 11:09 AM

I went to Texas A&M, so I get to use this football analogy and use my alma mater for it because 1) I love my Aggies and 2) they are the posterchild for my example.

When we embark on this weight loss battle, we act as if this is the most epic battle of all time — like the Aggies vs Alabama, now that the Aggies are in the SEC. To overcome this giant adversary, we will need a combination of luck and the reincarnation of Johnny Football without all his off-the-field junk. It also wouldn't hurt for the Alabama team bus to break down on the way to the game. Once we start down our weight loss path and encounter that first misstep (no matter how small), we think the same thing, “Here we go again. It’s about to be 77-0, I wonder where the Blue Bell is?” And we mail it in, so to speak.

Even though the Aggies are in the SEC now, they don’t just play Alabama. They also play other SEC schools and they manage to sprinkle in two or three games against some directional Louisiana schools. The Northeastern MidState Louisiana Technical Institute Piano Movers are not Alabama. If we have the right mindset, the game should be over at halftime. We have them outmatched at every position, not one Piano Mover would have been offered a scholarship by the Aggies. If our mind is right and we play to our potential, it’s a blowout in the first half and we pretty much have to just show up in the second half and we win the game going away.

The truth is our weight loss fight is not a game against insurmountable odds, it is not the Aggies vs Alabama, where the Aggies are playing shorthanded against a bunch of first round draft picks. This is literally Texas A&M against that directional Louisiana school. This is your life, and you were designed by God to be the star of your team. In this game, you are the five-star recruit built specifically for what God has in mind for you and the chances are pretty high that morbidly obese is not what God has planned for you.

There is another thing about this game: we have the greatest Coach with the ultimate game plan on our side. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, and no matter how good of a coach Nick Saban is, nobody ever said that about him. Believe it or not, losing weight is part of all things. It's just one thing and He's already got a plan designed for you to do it.

So, we are a five-star recruit on a team coached and prepared by the greatest presence ever known to man, and we look across the field at Satan and think, “Not today,” and we mail it in? The guy on the other side of the field, he knows who he's up against and his biggest hope is that you think he's Alabama instead of ULaLa. That way, if we jump offsides by eating a Cheeto, he can start helping us get down on ourselves and start thinking “Here we go again, I can't beat this.” All of a sudden, it’s a blowout the other way and we eat the whole bag.

That’s obesity. We have the plan and tools to blow it out, but it's a battle that's won and lost between our ears. If we get that right, it really is a blowout, the battle is won, the rest is as simple as just showing up.



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