Today I Didn't
Jan 06 11:07 AM

Today I Didn't

Jan 06 11:07 AM
Jan 06 11:07 AM

It's part of the game

One of the tougher things I have found in trying to lead a healthier lifestyle is rebounding from a bad decision or from a period where I can't exercise. Sometimes it's related to injury, or weather or just life making me busy. I hate those times, I really do but rebounding is part of the deal.

Rebounds in basketball are opportunities you get after you miss a shot, they are good Rebounding is Part of the Gamethings. Players that can capitalize on their teams “failure” and give them a chance to reset and try again are essential to the game. If general managers and coaches put together teams with nobody that could effectively rebound under the premise that they just will make all their shots, it would be a disaster. The teams would fail, they would only take shots they knew they could make and those incredible long range bombs would be replaced by a painful to watch layup drill. Defenses would pack the paint, lay ups would disappear and we'd watch a 8-4 junior high girls game. It wouldn't be fun. A league built on only taking shots you can make wouldn't take many shots.

Good teams are built to overcome missed shots, to grab a loose ball and try again. Ever seen a guy put up a point blank shot and clank it off the rim, grab the rebound and put it up again with a similar result and then again and again and again until it finally drops in? What if he failed and said I quit after he missed the first or second or third shot and walked to the bench or just headed back to play defense, unwilling to grab the next rebound because he would just miss again. The fans would boo, the coach would pull him and he would be flipping burgers before you knew it.

Isn't that what we do when we make poor choices in what we eat or when we don't exercise? We think, dang I missed a shot, I should head for the bench, I knew I would miss a shot. The crazy thing about that for anyone that has struggled with obesity is that we may have gone a long time doing the right thing, making shots. Maybe it's been a week or two, maybe it's been a month or a few days that still would be 3 days of eating right, making good decisions not only what to eat when you eat but passing up opportunities to drink a coke, or scoop up candy out of a dish and taking a walk. One day could have a dozen good choices in it, three days could have 30 good decisions, that's 30 made shots in a row and we miss one and call it in.

We are used to eating McDonalds for Breakfast, snacking on chips, fried chicken and no exercise. It wasn't one missed shot that made me weigh 350 pounds, it was all of them. In the middle of it, I might grab a piece of fruit or mix in a salad or veggie plate but I knew that didn't offset all the bad decisions I was making. Why do I give that kind of power to one bad decision when we've made so many good ones? Maybe it's because we made so many mistakes we expect them to multiply. Maybe you're like me, no middle ground, either I'm in or I'm out. I failed, I quit, pass me a cheeseburger and a big bag of Cheeto’s, I just put ranch dressing on a salad. We are that coach that's plan for the season is not to rebound, just don't miss any shots. How dumb is that?

I don't watch much basketball but I believe the Sixers are pretty bad this year, everyone knew they'd be bad and they went out and set some sort of record for most losses to open the season. It wasn't like they won the championship last year, everyone knew they were bad but that coach had a plan for handling his teams failures and in the eating right category, back in 2012, I looked a lot more like the Sixers than the Spurs or the Heat but I headed down the road the Sixers are on with a plan to make every shot.

The crazy thing is I went on a long streak of making every shot but no matter how good I get, I'm going to miss a shot and sometimes it's because all the shots I can take are of the half court prayer variety. Recently we've had some cold wet icy weather in Dallas. It's also tax season so I'm working a lot of hours, I'm tired, my back hurts, there is lots of pressure so on Sunday when everyone is rushing to the grocery store to prep for iceageddon I called Pizza Hut and I didn't ride, I worked from home and I ate pizza and looked at a computer screen all day. Monday was icy so I worked from home, ate leftover Pizza and didn't ride. Tuesday I had a big project finishing up, it was still icy, I didn't ride, worked late, ate Taco Bueno and some sort of pasta dish for dinner. So now Its Wednesday but it feels like the Monday after Thanksgiving, the energy is low and when I put on my pants this morning, go figure, my belt felt tight I actually need a new belt, I've been in the smallest hole for a while now but after today, it feels like I'm going the other direction.

Almost immediately I went to “See? I knew you were going to fail and you took all our fat guy clothes to Goodwill. Now we have to wander around fat and naked because you swore we were never going back to Casual Male. Way to go Obama.”

You think I'm kidding but if you can quote a thought, that's what my brain said to me this morning. Every word of it, the me who couldn't get his head around this would get tired of beating myself up, so I'd lash out at someone else so even the Obama part happened. I was pretty frustrated so I went right to the top.

But I had a plan this year, I was going to figure out how to get some videos done, I was going to post some updates on Today I Can and keep mentally in the game. I wasn't thinking about what I was should do when I missed a shot but I was thinking about how to better use my time. I'm traveling today and the in flight internet turned off and I was stuck with nothing to do, the battery on my laptop died so I thought I'll write a post for Today I Can, on my phone, but I was stuck - what do I say when Today I Didn't? So I wrote about that.

Interesting side note, by expressing this spot I was in, I learned these lessons, I saw how silly that failure idea was and I felt a ton better about my situation and progress. My belt didn't feel as tight, I had a turkey sandwhich with my client, skipped the fries and then I rode the exercise bike at our hotel. My today I didn't got turned back around and that was a definite rebound and score.

Seems like a pretty good answer for the next Today I Didn't.



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