Deciding You Can Is the Hardest Part | Goalcast
Jan 06 11:09 AM

Deciding You Can Is the Hardest Part | Goalcast

Jan 06 11:09 AM
Jan 06 11:09 AM

Over the years, I've made it a point to tell my story. Again and again. My goal has always been to encourage people who feel like the fitness industry is for "everyone else" -- the people who can't meet the unrealistic standards and weren't aiming for 6-pack abs, anyway. 

I am a CPA by trade, and I haven't been an athlete for a very long time (and even then, I wasn't exactly an all-star). But I have a good story to tell, because in the span of just a few years, I've lost over 150 lbs, gotten off of nearly every medication the doctors had prescribed me, and got my life back in order. 

I recently posted an article summzaring my journey, and it's called "Deciding You Can Is the Hardest Part: How I lose 150 Pounds" over at Goalcast. 

Give it a read, because my hope is that it will encourage you to start approaching your health goals with a "Today I Can" attitude, because that's really all you need to start with. That, and asking God for the strength to do it one day at a time.



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