Today I Can Say Yes
Jan 06 11:07 AM

Today I Can Say Yes

Jan 06 11:07 AM
Jan 06 11:07 AM

While it was really cool that my son Will said he wanted to start riding with me this spring, it struck me how awesome it was to be able to say yes.

Good times ... didn't always include good health

My back is still in rough shape from the wear and tear a 350 pound belly put on it, I can ride 60 miles with no back pain then getoff the bike and have a hard time walking upright to the car, crazy. It was one of the many roadblocks that was bigger in my head than it was on the road. It wasn't easy but it was worth it.

It's going to be beautiful this weekend, maybe there is a mental road block you need to remove, perfect weather for it. Take it on and let us know about it, you'd be amazed how far just one like will take you.

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